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Crowd Wisdom is an advanced social learning platform that provides community-based knowledge sharing and personalized professional development for every learner within your organization.

Crowd Wisdom™ is much more than your typical LMS. Energize Your Education Program. Learn how

The Crowd Wisdom platform really suits our needs by providing a robust engine and an attractive interface for our users. We especially appreciate how customizable the system is and how easy it is operate. Additionally, the Digital Ignite staff are technically savvy and extremely good at communication and project management.

Program Manager
American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT)

Associations, Professional Education Programs, CME/Healthcare societies, and Global Corporations seeking to deploy critical education initiatives choose Crowd Wisdom™

Leading Professional Education Programs

Institute of Management Accountants, serving its global membership of 60,000+ as a hub for critical Continuing Education programs and Exam Preparation for their global credential

Healthcare Education Societies/Communities

American Society of Radiologic Technologists delivering critical education on field-related technology and patient care to 130k members and external audiences

Publishers and Subject Matter Experts

McGraw-Hill Professional delivering 2 key digital products through Crowd Wisdom™ available for sale to its Global 2000 customer base

  • Creates a beautiful, engaging, centralized learning portal for all audience members in one place (members, non-members, customers, institutional clients, and any other group).
  • Organizes your education products and delivers it to the right people in a targeted, personalized way.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your systems, website, and branding. Communicates learning activity to your systems.
  • Scales your program to the heights it deserves: a system designed to handle performance, reliability, and high loads on a global scale.
  • Serves as a platform for formal and informal knowledge delivery.
  • Simplifies CE and professional development for the learner.
Serious technology and services for mission critical learning
  • Learner-focused design: most LMS platforms are focused on the “M” in LMS; that is, to help “Manage” tasks for administrators. Crowd Wisdom™ was designed to facilitate knowledge discovery and learning, while providing solid tools and data for administrators.
  • Designed specifically for professional education: It's a solution well suited for publishers, professional education programs, and continuing medical education providers – much more extensive than your typical corporate talent management system – with features that help manage and develop careers, professional skills - and to find knowledge on demand.
  • Service is as important as our technology: we serve as the “engine behind the scenes” to major education programs that need us running, available, and at high performance all the time. Our infrastructure is specifically designed to handle a global audience of users.

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